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About Us

Our team of B2B marketing leaders has a combined 60+ years of experience designing, leading, and implementing marketing transformations.

After managing change at start-ups, SMEs, and large multinationals, we formed Revitalise Marketing to share our knowledge and experience with B2B leaders seeking to transform marketing in their own companies.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to take the pain out of B2B marketing transformation for small and midsized companies. Our daily motivation is to serve as the trusted partner to leaders seeking to modernise their marketing and accelerate growth.

Our Values

How we work – and who we work alongside – is driven by our values:
  • Customer centricity – we are nothing without our customers, and as marketers, the same is true for you. Working for you, and with you, the customer's need is the compass that drives all decisions.
  • Partnership – we value long-term relationships and always operate in a manner that looks to support your long-term success.
  • Integrity – we are committed to delivering the best possible service and outcomes. If your needs do not match what we do best, we'll be clear about that and can support you in finding alternative resources.
  • Continuous learning – marketing doesn't stand still, so nor do we. All Revitalise Marketing team members dedicate time to exploring, testing, and mastering emerging marketing concepts, tools, and tactics. This enables us to share with you the ones that work, and save you from wasting time on the ones that don't.
  • Fun – marketing transformations are difficult, but they are easier when the team is enjoying the journey.

Who we help

The majority of our clients are B2B business leaders and marketing executives at companies facing key inflection points in their growth. Regardless of function role, company size, or sector, what our clients most typically have in common is a recognition that their marketing must transform significantly in order to drive the growth they urgently need.


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