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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we get asked most often


What is "marketing transformation"?


Marketing transformation is an ongoing process whereby a company strives to increase its marketing effectiveness. Enabled by advancements in digital experience, operations, and analytics, a marketing transformation is rooted in building data-informed strategies, aligning sales and marketing, providing seamless customer experiences, and automating processes.


What is a marketing audit?

A marketing audit is a thorough review of marketing processes with the goal of seeing what is working, what is not, and what opportunities exist to improve marketing performance.


Why conduct a marketing audit?


Regular marketing audits give you the data and insights you need to keep your marketing team and performance operating optimally. For small and medium sized companies, the benefits of a marketing audit include:

  • Eliminating inefficient marketing spend
  • Fixing broken marketing processes
  • Benchmarking marketing team and marketing technology capabilities
  • Setting a baseline for marketing performance
  • Informing growth-focused marketing strategy


Why run a marketing audit? Why not just tackle my known issue?

Almost all our clients come to us with a specific challenge that they want help solving. We're happy to provide that help with our marketing consultancy service, however in almost every case we find that the root cause of these challenges lies in more fundamental strategic, structural, or capability problems. You might solve your specific, most pressing challenge – but the underlying difficulties will still prevent you from optimising marketing performance.

We recommend an audit as the most efficient way to identify these fundamental problems, and build a roadmap for marketing transformation.

How does the audit process work?

Our audit process is simple, and designed to pinpoint your strengths and opportunities as efficiently as possible.

After an initial discussion to confirm the best audit for you, we use data analysis, questionnaires, and interviews to gather the information we need to provide you with marketing transformation recommendations. We'll send you a report with those recommendations, and always include tools and templates you can use to start implementing the recommendations right away. We'll also schedule time to present and discuss our findings with you in a live meeting.

Read more about our marketing audits and the process >

How much do your services cost?

Since we customise our work to match each client's unique needs, we can give you a more precise answer after an initial, free consultation. What is consistent, however, is that we operate a low cost model – and we share the benefits of those low costs with our clients.

Since our service offering is customisable, you will only ever pay for what you need. You decide how much or how little support you want, and for what duration. We provide transparency on all fees up front, and will always discuss with you the cost implications of your various service options.


What can I use as my business case to use your services?

We know first hand how hard it can be to secure resources for investments in marketing. In fact, it's one of the main reasons we built Revitalise Marketing: to enable resource-constrained companies to deliver marketing transformations as efficiently as possible.

A marketing audit is the best way to convince budget holders and strategic stakeholders of the value of a marketing transformation. The audit provides an analysis on where you are versus where you could be, and maps out the changes you need to make. In your free consultation, we'll be able to offer you some early insights based on your specific circumstances and will be able to make suggestions on building the business case.


What does your typical client look like?

Typically our clients are leaders and marketing executives at B2B companies facing key inflection points in their growth. What most of our clients have in common is a recognition that they need to start marketing, or significantly transform marketing, in order to provide Sales with the fuel for urgent revenue growth.

Our clients range from B2B start-ups to midsized companies (both publicly and privately held).

Learn more about who we help >


What makes you different to other agencies and consultancies?

After working with us you'll have solved your problem and have built the capability to continue advancing your marketing transformation in the future.

There are many good marketing agencies and consultancies out there, each bringing something unique to the table.

Revitalise Marketing is different in its mission. We want to fix your immediate problem, sure – but our primary goal is to enable you and your team to continue operating successfully long after we've left the building. We provide you with the knowledge, plan, and tools to self-serve. We also offer guidance as you execute your marketing transformation.

Should you need it, we can also provide resources to help accelerate that execution, but we do not seek to be a long-term capacity extension for your team. In our eyes, a successful partnership is one that concludes with you feeling enabled to fully operate a highly productive marketing system with your in-house resources.


Who is your team?

Revitalise Marketing comprises B2B marketing and growth practitioners with deep experience in driving marketing transformations at start-ups and small to midsized companies. Read more about our team here >


Where do you operate?

As a digital-first company we operate wherever (and whenever) our clients most need us.



Where are you based?

Most of our team calls London home, and we're also present in Sydney, Australia; New York, USA; and Dallas, USA. As a digital-first company we are able to work from anywhere, so at any given time we could be anywhere in the world (most commonly, in North America and Europe).


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