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Marketing Audits

Evaluate your marketing processes and effectiveness with an independent audit and assessment. Get the insights, roadmap, and tools to transform your marketing.


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Included with your marketing audit

  • Marketing Audit Report

    80+ page audit report

    Your audit insights compiled in an in-depth report

    Fully customised to you, containing audit findings, recommendations on how to improve your marketing, and the resources to help you do so.
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  • Marketing Consultancy

    121 consultancy

    Consultation on key findings of your audit

    Dedicated time with our consultants to discuss the key findings of the audit, our recommendations on how to increase marketing effectiveness, and how to use the supporting tools provided.
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  • Marketing tools and resources

    Tools & resources

    Start implementing your audit recommendations immediately

    We provide the tools, templates, guides, and checklists to empower you and your team to tackle those areas where improvement is needed.
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Our most popular marketing audits


Full Marketing Audit

Marketing leaders looking for a thorough examination of their marketing team, technology, and performance request a full marketing audit. The outputs include:

Modern marketing summary - what, why, & how

Demand & lead generation strategy

Audience definition & targeting assessment

Competitor analysis & benchmarking

Website effectiveness

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Content marketing assessment

Channel strategy assessment

Sales & marketing operations assessment

Sales & marketing alignment assessment

Marketing technology & data utilisation assessment

Performance measurement, reporting, & analytics

Marketing resources & skills assessment

Customised marketing transformation roadmap

Supporting tools, templates, guides & checklists


SEO Audit

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical element of inbound marketing strategies, and our SEO Audit is a fast way to jump-start your SEO effectiveness. Outputs of the SEO Audit include:

SEO health score & benchmark

Technical SEO assessment

Competitor analysis & benchmarking

Performance measurement, reporting, & analysis assessment

Toxic backlink assessment

Backlink profile and link building evaluation

On-page SEO assessment

Key content evaluation & gap analysis

Customised SEO transformation roadmap

Supporting tools, templates, guides & checklists


Website Audit

Your website is the heart of modern B2B marketing. If you only audit one element of your marketing, your website is a great place to start. Our Website Audit includes:

Key messaging & positioning assessment

Information architecture evaluation

User experience assessment

Key content evaluation

Conversion rate optimisation assessment

Competitor analysis & benchmarking

Performance measurement, reporting, & analytics

Customised website transformation roadmap

Supporting tools, templates, guides & checklists

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